4by2 Training run small groups for up to six dogs and their Owners.  Run over 4weeks, the course is designed so that you will gradually increase your own strength, fitness and flexibility. At the same time improving your dog's response to training, increasing their fitness levels with fun exercises and tricks along the way. 

Once you have completed the four week beginners course, you will be invited to join one of our four week courses which offer more advanced training for both you and your dog.

So, what happens during a class?  Helen & Karen get you and your dog warmed up so that you are both mentally and physically ready to train.  During the training sessions Helen and Karen are on hand to explain exercises and guide your dog through each exercise.  You will be given ample time to teach your dog what is needed and for both of you to perform each exercise effectively.  


In order to ensure that the groups are evenly balanced; prior to enrolment on the beginners course we will assess your level of fitness to ensure the classes will be suitable for you. Your dog also needs to have done some basics training. If it is appropriate you may benefit from a private session either with Helen for some individual exercises, guidance and support to get you ready to join a class. Or from Karen to get your dog's training up to speed to join a class.  


The main purpose of the 4week beginner course is to teach both you and your dog the basic skills that will allow you to train together and improve on the bond that you have together.  Each week we will help develop your training skills with your dog and show you how  to improve on the basic exercises to help you work together for a fun and effective workout.

The beginners course is the foundation of all our subsequent courses which develop in physical difficulty for you and in mental dificulty for your dog.



If you would like a little extra help with your fitness or your dog's training? Then both Helen and Karen are available for individual consultations and ongoing support. 


One-to-One Training with Helen Bannan (Personal Trainer - 1hr)         £50

One-to-One Training with Karen England (Dog Trainer 1.5hrs)            £75

4weeks 4by2 Beginners Course (limited to 6 humans/dogs - 6 x 1hr)    £120

4week 4by2 intermediate/advanced course (6 x 1hr)                          £TBC