Exercise for you and Training for your dog!


Do you struggle to find time to walk your dog, train your dog AND get yourself to the gym?  4by2 Training can help you multitask so it all fits into ONE HOUR. 

Our 4 week courses are designed with both you and your best friend in mind.  4by2 Training will teach you how to train and bond with your four-legged friend whilst enjoying an effective, all body exercise programme for yourself.

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Our services include 4 week training courses.  At 4by2 Training we have courses specifically for beginners and separate courses for more experienced Dog/Guardian teams.

Personal Training services are available for you. One-to-One training for your dog to help in any areas you feel your dog would benefit from a little extra training.


Helen Bannan and Karen England work together to ensure that both of you are trained using best practice and up to date techniques. 

Helen and Karen agree that positive reinforcment and no-mistakes learning is the most effective and kindest way of training - whether you have 4 or 2 legs.  So get ready for plenty of motivation and praise for every dog/owner team that comes to our classes.

Both instructors are dog lovers.  Helen has a young rescue Staffie cross and is always promoting the Staffodshire Bull Terrier breed, aiming to change the public's perception of them, one person at a time.  Karen has two adorable pugs who live as part of her family with her in Hampton.



"I didn't realise that there was so much more to taking the dog for a walk.  Our everyday walks are now much more fun, whilst I feel stronger, fitter and more confident that I can keep up with Rhubarb whilst maintianing good control of her in public." -- Amanda & Rhubarb, Claygate

"Poppy and I had a great time at your class. Exercise for me is more fun with Poppy to participate!!" -- Marlene & Poppy, Barnes

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